Stroughs Buffalo Chicken Wing Recipe



        Directions: Mix the following in a large sealable plastic bowl and allow to sit for a couple of hours.

         12 fl oz "Louisiana" hot sauce

         1 fl oz "Tabasco" pepper sauce

         teaspoon pepper

         8 cloves garlic/mashed

         couple pinches of powdered cloves

         teaspoon of crushed red pepper

         couple pinches of celery salt

         teaspoon of "Worcestershire" sauce

         1 fl oz of apple cider vinegar


Deep-fry 5 lb of wings until golden brown.  Let wings drain.  Place wings in the bowl that has the hot sauce in it, close and shake.

Remove wings from hot sauce and serve with blue cheese and cut carrots and celery.  Dip your wing into the blue cheese dip and eat.  No double dipping please.  Make sure you have refreshments nearby.  Now go have some fun!

Serves 4


Created by:

John Strough (Remove the obvious to email)